KingPower proudly presents our 3 new VIP Clubs!
Choose your VIP Club and gain access to different promotions and club rewards.

  1. All members of Kingpower are qualified to join the VIP Club.
  2. Current members who are already part of the VIP Club will remain in their respective clubs.
  3. Newly registered members can choose their preferred VIP Club after their first deposit, they can approach our support team via live chat to join and be a VIP member.
  4. All members will start as Level 1 VIP in their respective clubs, they must reach the required turnover to level up.
  5. Members can choose to transfer to a different club once a month, once they’ve transfer they will still retain their level from their previous club.
  6. Hybrid Clubs will be available for 3 members and can select to join up to 2 clubs. To become a hybrid VIP member, the member must send their request to our VIP team, our VIP team will then give them a special VIP scheme only available for VIP Hybrid members.
  7. Daily Rebates will be dispensed daily after 15:00 and has 1x wagering requirement before withdrawals can be processed.
  8. Birthday Bonus can only be claimed during the month of the member’s recorded birthdate on our system. To qualify the member must have made at least 25 deposits in their transaction history and must be actively playing for the last 2 months. Kindly approach our support team via live chat to claim your birthday bonus
  9. Anniversary Bonus can only be claimed during the same month and day of the member’s registration date. To qualify the member must have made at least 50 deposits in their transaction history. Kindly approach our support team via live chat to claim your anniversary bonus
  10. Birthday and Anniversary Bonuses are subject to 3x wagering requirement before withdawals can be processed.
  11. Monthly Loyalty Bonuses will be given to Level 2 and 3 VIP players if they have at least 10 deposit transactions within the current month. In an occasion where in a member reached the same turnover required to level up on their level, the VIP team will double their Monthly Loyalty Bonus.
    EG: Member A (Level 1 VIP Sports) reached more than 100k turnover, the VIP will then promote him to Level 2 VIP Sports. The following month he reached more than 100k turnover again, the VIP team will give $100 Monthly Loyalty Bonus instead of just $50 as a reward to him for reaching the same turnover.
  12. Kingpower reserve the right to cancel/revise anything on the VIP scheme if any member or syndicate is found abusing or attempting to abuse our VIP.
  13. Kingpower General Promotions Terms and Conditions Apply.
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